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Expertly applied eyelash extensions are far superior to any other form of artificial eyelash.  Even the required maintenance is minimal, after keeping them dry and chlorine free for the first 24 hours. Nonetheless some basic advice is useful.

Lashes will build up layers of dead skin and oil, just like any part of the human body. This is unpleasant, and might be unhygienic, though I have never really seen a health issue that has arisen because of this. If cleaned on a regular basis this dead skin and oil is hardly an issue; left to accumulate and the problem is tedious to deal with. Lash technicians loath having to cleaning two months of accumulated glug because the client thought eyelashes were best left unwashed.

Foaming/lathering cleansers are recommended for eyelash cleaning. The liquid cleaners require cotton tips/pads that shed fibres; these get stuck in a lash extensions and cause problems. Gently using foaming cleansers with your hands will prevent these issues.

Recommended foam cleansers

  • Johnsons baby shampoo
  • Loreta Flawless Lashes.
  • Nuetrogena fresh foaming cleanser
  • QV wash
  • Dermaveen


  • Wash face with warm water.
  • Dilute foaming cleanser in hand with warm water
  • Wash eyelids with foaming cleanser on fingertips.
  • Pat eyelids dry.
  • Allow eyelids and lashes to naturally air dry.
  • Brush lashes with wand.

This cleaning should be done every second day.

Eyelash Training Sydney

Applying individual lashes to a client’s natural lashes is skilled and time consuming work. It is worth giving the client 5 minutes of practical advice for maintaining the results of this effort. Minimal cleaning is required for lashes to last a comfortable 6 to 8 weeks.

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