Wedding Cakes !

I remember hearing people say that the decoration shouldn’t be so impressive that they were reluctant to eat the cake; but that’s basically every wedding cake! Really, we need a different line of thought. We only get one shot at this, so make as much of the opportunity as you can and have the design that’s worth remembering.

Of course your cake design should be remembered for the right reason. Some young people adamantly oppose traditions and go for the iconoclastic look, till they start to consider how they might feel about this when they look back a few years later. A nineteen years old bride’s first choice for a wedding cake (or theme) is just as likely to be based on the latest pop culture sensation as it is some fairy tale classic. The classic design is probably going to look far better a few years down the track in their wedding photo album.

Wedding Cakes - Sweet Olivia

It is possible to combine the new and the old. A few creative cakes have been designed in the image of a traditional bride, or a bride and groom. With photo scanning it is possible for the happy couple’s own image to be on the cake, along with the exact dress design that was worn on the day. A few brides might even have one of the alternative designs that they couldn’t choose between during their planning stages.

Designs and themes, even traditional ones, reflect something of the individuals who like them, as well as the culture they grew up with. Even the most radical cake designs are still contributing to the tradition of having a cake, and giving something to the guests. Maybe the only part of the cake that you keep is the decorative figurine (and the photos), or maybe you like the tradition of saving the top layer of the cake for your first anniversary (some cakes will keep the long, many will not!); find where your ideas and convention(s) overlap. There is plenty of room for creativity here; remembering that creativity never comes from a vacuum.

If you are stuck for ideas trying goggling the traditions of other cultures. What is traditional in a foreign land will be unusual here, especially if you add something to the tradition yourself. You might even find a theme for the whole wedding. Occasionally religious restrictions apply to foreign traditions, so check your ideas as much as possible.

If in doubt, ask yourself how you will feel about a cake design (or any wedding design) when you look back and show the photos to your friends several years down the track.


  • Make arrangements for the cake design months in advance. Advise immediately if schedules change.
  • Beware of the weather. Ask whether the type of cake can survive a hot summer day.
  • Some venues charge a ‘cutting fee’, ostensibly to cover the cost of extra places and cutlery for cake. $1.00 per head isn’t unusual.
  • Ask about delivery, which is a tricky job where mistakes are unthinkable !
  • Some individuals may wish to keep their piece of cake. Look into little boxes for storage.
  • Think about the photo of the cake, surly one of the most important images of the wedding. Find a tablecloth, table and decorations that match, compliment or somehow suit the cake.