SuperMarket Pet Food

For both pet and human produsts supermarkets are convenient and inexpensive. But the quality of the food can be poor, and can cause long term health problems. Many supermarket products are basically junk food, or food loaded with additives. We cannot expect this to be good for us or our pets.

Many pets can survive on a poor diet, but they will not be at their healthiest. And when they are sick we are both distressed and inconvenienced by the situation. Supplying a better diet allows a pet to live up to 30% longer. A healthier pet is in everybody’s interest.

Many inexpensive pet foods contain fillers that cause digestive strain and gas. This is enough reason to avoid them. Pets fed these products will be unappealing companions, preferring to suffer in silence than play with their owners. The healthier diet makes them more worthwhile pets.

Pet food should be based on healthy ingredients and have little or no fillers. Often that are species and breed specific. Vet recommendations tend to be pretty reliable. Else, research you pet’s best options on line.

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