Sugar and the substitutes

Sugar, despite appearing natural, causes many health problems. Tooth decay is one issue, but weight gain and other issues are also important. Reducing or eliminating sugar can make a huge difference to our health.

Sugar does occur naturally in many fruits and other produce; but modern processes have separated it from the original produce. And we have formed the habit of eating larger quantities of sugar without the fibre, vitamins and nutriants that should accompany it. This is the main reason why sugar now causes so many dental and health issues.

One alternative is to forgo sugar and eat a diet similar to what our ancestors ate; we would only consume sugar when it occurs in fruit and a few other natural products.

Another approuoch is to find a substitute for sugar. There are many available, but the benefits of these substitutes are debatable.

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Xylitol Sweetner

Xylitol is a naturally occurring component in many fruits and vegetables, making it natural in the way that sugar is natural. But it does not appear to cause the health issues accociated with sugar, and has about half the calories.

  • Xylitol does not cause the blood sugar hit that regular sugar does, or the following crash. It releases slowly into the body.
  • Test have shown that it does help with weight loss.
  • It helps fight some infections.
  • It help with collagen production in the skin and calcium in the bones.

In regard for dental health:

  • Xylitol help get rid of the bacteria that cause plaque
  • Xylitol help the absorbtion of calcium, which strengthens teeth
  • Increases saliva production, which helps teeth.
  • Decreases the acidity of saliva, reducing decay in teeth.

The human body may need some time to adapt to Xylitol; it can initially cause bloating and gas. It is preferable to start with smaller amounts and steadily increase the dosage.

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