Stir Frying tips

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A healthy and tasteful meal is a combination of the right ingredients and the right techniques. With a little instruction almost anyone can produce perfectly respectable meals.


Get some good cookware. One good frying pan and maybe a wok is all you need most of the time. If it heats well and cleans well you will have to put very little effort into your meals. One good quality pan will serve you well for decades.


Cook on medium high – this is not possible on some Teflon surfaces as the surface breaks down past a certain temperature. It is also not possible with cheaper cooking oils.


Get an oil with a high smoke point. Oils break down when the temperature is too high, tasting poor and losing their nutritional values. Rapeseed oil or olive oil are two good options.


Let the pan get hot for a few minutes before you start. The ingredients should be chopped and ready to be added before you start. They should start cooking the moment they touch the hot pan surface.


Cook the cut-up meant first, and remove from the pan when it is ¾ done. Then cook the vegetables, adding the meat back in once the vegetable are almost ready. Larger vegetables can be added before the smaller ones to give them a little more cooking time.


Rice almost always goes with stir-fry and it health and simple to cook. Try a few variations such as adding some black rice (imperial rice) to the regular white or brown.


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