Mobile Phones and Cancer

Rumours about a link between mobile phones and possible cancers started when mobile phones were first introduced. The technology has changed since then; early phones were analogue and used more power. Digital technology has reduced the power consumption and radiation in phones. Digital encoding allows a signal to be transmitted with much less concern over clarity or interference, even with lower power signals. Closer base stations allow shorter signal paths, again reducing the amount of power needed.


But even with lower powered signals a mobile phone still emits radiation. This is why some people are concerned that they may cause cancer. Some technical information will help us understand this.


Radiation comes in many forms. Mobile phones Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation.  This RF can broadly divide into two categories – ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation causes atoms to gain or lose an electron, which is a change at the molecular level of matter. This ionizing radiation is thought to be a risk for cancer as the atoms in our cells can be altered, with the cells then reproducing in the wrong way. However, mobile phones work with non-ionizing radiation, which is not thought to be cancer inducing, at least at moderate levels.


The non-ionizing radiation of mobile phones is similar to the RF in TV and radio signals, though the frequency of the radiation if different. We are constantly exposed to this every day. Mobile phones would add little to what we already experience. The signal from a mobile phone is less than one watt, which is small compared to most electronic devices.


According to a Danish study in 2006 and 2011 [1], following mobile phone users for many years, there was no real effect on cancer rates. Most studies give similar results – either there is no effect, or there might be a minor effect.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) presently puts mobile phones in the 2B category, indicating that there might be a possible cancer risk. This seems low compared to Sun exposure and other environmental issues. Mobile phones are the lease of our concerns.


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