Ideas to Bear In Mind

Things to remember when honing skills for sport and games.

-As with anything, watching what the successful individuals are doing and see what you can pick up. This is faster than trial-&-error methods, though you will have start doing it yourself. At the same time even the successful individuals are not perfect; be careful that you do not copy their mistakes along with their triumphs.

-Unlike some advice I give in other areas of life it is best not to look at the big picture. Instead, get lost in the present moment. Concentrate on the present shot, and don’t worry if you are ahead or behind the others.

-Remember the stage fright dilemma – worrying about a bad performance tends to cause a bad performance. Just take each shot, and err on the side of confidence. Complacency is usually a bad thing in most circumstances, but you can think of it as confidence when playing golf.

-Patience is a virtue. This is especially true in frustrating circumstances. Time is not a pressing issue in this game as it is in most other circumstances. Find the right shot and wait for the right moment.
-Unsolicited advice i
s quite often wrong. If the person is an accomplished pro then they probably have some good answers; but you’ll have to approach them for the advice. Most other people aren’t interested in being helpful; they’re just in sounding impressive. Occasionally there is some good advice from well-intentioned people, but this is uncommon.

-Basics are foundational. The first thing you learn in any game or sport tends to be the thing you use over and over again. Tennis players and golfers and pool sharks often practice the same basic shots over and over again. They do the same exercises as the novices. But if you lose the ability to do these fundamentals you lose the ability to play the game.

-An indoor driving range is good at several levels. You can practice the technique over and over again, and you can learn to take each shot is isolation.

-With any golf simulator price varies, as does the improvement they offer for you game. But any improvement is worth something, and it is more to do with how often you use the machine than how much you originally payed for it. But your golf simulator in a place where it is easy to use. You shouldn’t have to set it up, just turn it on and play. Doing this several times a day, even briefly, is of great benefit.

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