Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Only good in moderation, some alcoholic drinks are a bit healthier than others.
Vodka and Soda. Very few calories, has a certain refreshing quality, but in some ways it’s the equivalent of ice water. There is absolutely no nutritional value.
Gin and Tonic. A little more flavoursome than vodka and soda, and if you prefer diet tonic water there are few calories.
Wine. Possibly the best option on the list. The alcohol content is moderate, but there is resveratrol, which is good for the cells, antioxidants, flavonoids and various other health benefits that can actually reduce bad cholesterol. Great variation between wines, so do some research.
Manhattan. The ingredients include Vermouth, a fortified wine which has the benefits of wine and few other herbs, as well as Angostura bitters which have restorative properties. The Bourbon isn’t too bad either.
Mimosa/Bellini: Basically champagne and orange juice or peach juice. No need to point out the health advantages of fruit juice. The champagne has antioxidants. Probably a few calories in this mixture.
Guinness: only about 128 calories per 12 ounces, full of antioxidants and it has the benefits of being brewed with whole grains.
Bloody Mary: Tomato juice, Vodka and a few variants. Most of the health components are in the tomato, but the vodka doesn’t hurt it too much.
Unprocessed Beer: Beer was always made from grain, and sometime fermented grain was the only way to obtain some varieties of vitamin B. These days the vitamins and nutrients are filtered out and sold separately, but if you find a place that brews its own, or if you take to a home brewing hobby, then there a fair bit of health benefit in there.