Environmental Housing, Sydney

There is the odd but true notion that more sustainable buildings need to use technology to decrease their carbon footprint, even though technology created a lot of the environmental problems in the first place. But really, it’s about using technology that efficiently, coherently works with the world around us. Some of the technology is not new. We can forget how useful a skylight is for replacing electrical lights, or shutters and blinds are for dealing with the weather. The technology does not have to be fancy, just well implemented.

Internal blinds are such a simple concept. We can allow light in and block it out as we wish. If it is hot we can still allow ventilation, and a breeze if the weather permits; if it is cold the blinds add to the insulation provided by the closed windows.
Blinds should always be implemented with child safety in mind.

External shutters are an old concept, predating windows. When well-designed they can provide security when needed, and allow the light or elements in. Once they were made from wood or occasionally metal; modern shutters, internal or external, can be made from polymer that lasts for decades without any issues.

Security doors may not be the first thing we think of when it comes to environmental protection. Security doors are for security protections, but allowing us to lock a house while still letting a breeze in is something of a benefit. We can install a security door and enjoy its benefits for decades. A security door works well with blinds; doors and windows allow ventilation while blinds allow us to block the sunlight if necessary. Electricity bills can be reduced accordingly.

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