Dolphin Watching Tours

A worthwhile experience that everyone should try at least once is watch sea life. This can range from fish to whales. A particular standout however is watching Dolphins. Generally known for their playful and intelligent nature, Dolphins are one of the most anticipated sea creatures to watch in the world.

This is why you must take a Dolphin Watching Tour. During the Tour you will be seated on a cruise to watch the Dolphins close up. Dolphins have been known to swim around surfers and boats; most of the time in a playful and responsive manner. Whether you are a marine enthusiast or not, you will be amazed at what these Dolphins can do; some like performing aerial tricks and others like to produce sounds from their blowhole and beak.

There are many companies that offer this experience such as PJ Tours, where the cruise travels around Port Stephens inhabiting up to 140 bottlenose dolphins. The whole experience lasts for roughly 1 and a half hours, with nets that can allow you to get closer to the Dolphins. Aside from the Cruise, there are also opportunities to swim with the Dolphins at the Marine Park.

A worthwhile experience that has to be done at least once, a must go to destination on the to do checklist!