Different types of wine !

Korea produces a number of different traditional wines, often using indigenous plants, fruits and berries. Almost all varieties are unique to Korea.

Flower wines are what the name implies- similar to grape wine but made with various flowers. Popular varieties include chrysanthemums, acacia flowers (similar to Wattle), Maesil Blossoms, peach blossoms, honeysuckle and rose. One of the most popular varieties is called Dugyeonju, made from Azalea petals this sweet wine has about 21% alcohol. Some wines are made with specific combinations of flowers.

Fruit wines are also popular, especially plum wine and black raspberry wines. Cherries Pomegranates and pine fruits are also used to make several different types of wine. Fruit wines often have health benefits.

Medical wines combine various medicinal seeds, herbs and roots with alcohol. Ginseng, young pine cones, bamboo, bamboo leaves, liquorice, wolfberry, ginger and cinnamon. More than a few of these wines are enjoyed more for their taste than their healing qualities.

Rice wine does not use grapes at all, but it is so different to other alcoholic rice drinks that wine or dry sherry is the closest comparision. Culture-wise rice wine is for drinking with meals, for cooking, and occasionally for religious communion; much as grape wine is used in western culture. Its alcohol content is between 18-25%, sometimes double that of western grape wine.