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Taking The Wedding Cake

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Wedding Photo – Taking the Cake There is considerable time, money and effort spent on the wedding cake. Though it is not quite the main item a cake will be part of the wedding photography. A Wedding photographer cannot afford to overlook this. Professional Wedding Photography The standards for the professional wedding photographer are fairly […]

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Do and Don’t Makeup Suggestions

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  Bridal Makeup Sydney A few Strong suggestions for Wedding makeup Do follow the best health and beauty routine possible. And if you feel better for the effort, consider continuing a healthy lifestyle. Do have a makeup trial about a month before the actual wedding. Any relavent thing that you plan to do for the […]

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  We often don’t really notice the music playing, but if the wedding video was completely silent we would want to know what is wrong! Music is part of the video, though it should complement the images and never distract from them.   Always look to the married couple when considering the music. If they […]

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WEDDING CAKES have been a tradition in one form or another for many centuries. These traditions vary a great deal, often influenced by long held religious traditions or passing cultural trends.   Centuries ago most cakes weren’t sweet, and were more akin to bread, often from barley. The bread was traditionally broken over the brides […]

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  You will probably not be doing your own wedding makeup, but there are a few things you can do to help the artist who does your makeup for the big day. A makeup trial is expected these days; you might want to try a few different options. Wearing a top that is the same […]

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Wedding cake ideas, sydney

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Some art-forms progress quickly because the creators and audience are always trying to improve on their last effort. But wedding cakes are supposed to be a one off tradition. We want the once in a life time event; we’re not usually trying to improve on a previous effort. Nonetheless we find ourselves combining individuality, tradition […]

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What tends to Get Overlooked in Wedding Plans

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– Post Wedding Plans: We tend to book the Honeymoon in advance, but the transition between the reception and the honeymoon tends to get overlooked. You may want to crash somewhere after dancing till 3 am. You might want to arrange something for guests who are intoxicated, like a shuttle bus. Staying one night at […]

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Wedding Cakes !

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I remember hearing people say that the decoration shouldn’t be so impressive that they were reluctant to eat the cake; but that’s basically every wedding cake! Really, we need a different line of thought. We only get one shot at this, so make as much of the opportunity as you can and have the design […]

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Wedding Dress Search

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Trying on dresses for any length of time is a rather draining experience; it is physically demanding and at times rather frustrating. Eat something substantial beforehand and plan to have a coffee break latter in the day. Take one or two reliable companions; people with reliable and relevant opinions. More than two can be counterproductive. […]

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