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Hardwood Floor Sanding Sydney

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Hardwood floors are the oldest type of wooden floors, being preceded only by stone and tile. They have proved extremely long lasting and resilient to damage; houses over one hundred years old have hardwood floors still in workable order. They can easily survive for generations under indoor conditions, suffering only surface wear from human inhabitants. […]

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The best wash method for car paint tends to be hand washing. There was once two broad options, the various types of automated car wash and a few types of hand washing. For years the automated washes were considered too harsh; the car got clean but the over the years the painted finish was compromised. […]

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Photo Sharing

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One of the great advantages of modern technology is the ability to exchange information. This is especially useful with photos. These days we take more photos in a weekend away than many grandparent took in a lifetime. And we can send them in real time without waiting for development and postage.   Google Photos Google […]

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