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Eye Appearance

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          Cosmetics aim to make us look our best, as do hairstyles and other parlour treatments. It helps considerably if we keep ourselves healthy and neat from the inside. Looking after our health means we have a better foundation for the cosmetics and occasional treatments we use. Eyelash extensions Sydney Our […]

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Do and Don’t Makeup Suggestions

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  Bridal Makeup Sydney A few Strong suggestions for Wedding makeup Do follow the best health and beauty routine possible. And if you feel better for the effort, consider continuing a healthy lifestyle. Do have a makeup trial about a month before the actual wedding. Any relavent thing that you plan to do for the […]

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Eyelash Extension Courses, Sydney


  Some innovations solve a problem, others create a desire and then satisfy it. In the case of eyelash extensions women had always desired longer, fuller lashes.  The introduction of semi-permanent lashes satisfied this desire far better than any previous method of augmenting lashes. Old style false eyelashes took a little bit of skill to […]

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Permanent Makeup Supplies

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Frequently asked questions Should I stock up on certain colours? Yes, if you use them. Subtle colours tend to be used a lot, but not striking ones; exceptions occur. What about makeup trends, what do I advise customers? Avril Lavigne is known for her offbeat style, yet opted for a conservative wedding; she was smart […]

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Caring For Eyelash Extensions

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– Do not let the eyelash extensions get wet for at least 48 hours after the application. – Avoid Steam rooms, Saunas or any other activity that involves excessive heat or sweating. – Use oil-free products on your eyelashes, especially make-up remover. – Do not pull or rub them. – Clean your face with a […]

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