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Stir Frying tips

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A healthy and tasteful meal is a combination of the right ingredients and the right techniques. With a little instruction almost anyone can produce perfectly respectable meals.   Get some good cookware. One good frying pan and maybe a wok is all you need most of the time. If it heats well and cleans well […]

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SEOUL BBQ – Korean BBQ Buffet Sydney

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Dining out is about traditions and service, but mostly about the unique food.   Unique food need not mean new ingredients. It is possible to create a million colours with red, blue and yellow; it is possible to create countless dishes with meat, fish, vegetable, rice, and the multiple means of cooking them.   Korean […]

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Different types of wine !

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Korean produces a number of different traditional wines, often using indigenous plants, fruits and berries. Almost all varieties are unique to Korea. Flower wines are what the name implies- similar to grape wine but made with various flowers. Popular varieties include chrysanthemums, acacia flowers (similar to Wattle), Maesil Blossoms, peach blossoms, honeysuckle and rose. One […]

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Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

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Only good in moderation, some alcoholic drinks are a bit healthier than others. Vodka and Soda. Very few calories, has a certain refreshing quality, but in some ways it’s the equivalent of ice water. There is absolutely no nutritional value. Gin and Tonic. A little more flavoursome than vodka and soda, and if you prefer […]

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Wedding Cakes !

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I remember hearing people say that the decoration shouldn’t be so impressive that they were reluctant to eat the cake; but that’s basically every wedding cake! Really, we need a different line of thought. We only get one shot at this, so make as much of the opportunity as you can and have the design […]

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