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Cold Facts on Cold Fibre Foods

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Organic Food Stores Sydney Health advice has a habit of changing over time as new information is discovered. So yesterday’s good advice, or even yesterday’s ways of dividing up concepts and categories, may quickly change. For the precious generation we have been educated about the glycaemic index of food, how fast the food raises the […]

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Topical Ginseng

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Korean red ginseng has a substantial reputation for all over health. It is good for our immune system, it is good for endurance and energy without the slump afterward, and it seems to make us feel better about life in general. But these benefits all come from ingesting ginseng. Ginseng can also be applied topically […]

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Stir Frying tips

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A healthy and tasteful meal is a combination of the right ingredients and the right techniques. With a little instruction almost anyone can produce perfectly respectable meals.   Get some good cookware. One good frying pan and maybe a wok is all you need most of the time. If it heats well and cleans well […]

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SEOUL BBQ – Korean BBQ Buffet Sydney

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Dining out is about traditions and service, but mostly about the unique food.   Unique food need not mean new ingredients. It is possible to create a million colours with red, blue and yellow; it is possible to create countless dishes with meat, fish, vegetable, rice, and the multiple means of cooking them.   Korean […]

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Different types of wine !

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Korean produces a number of different traditional wines, often using indigenous plants, fruits and berries. Almost all varieties are unique to Korea. Flower wines are what the name implies- similar to grape wine but made with various flowers. Popular varieties include chrysanthemums, acacia flowers (similar to Wattle), Maesil Blossoms, peach blossoms, honeysuckle and rose. One […]

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Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

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Only good in moderation, some alcoholic drinks are a bit healthier than others. Vodka and Soda. Very few calories, has a certain refreshing quality, but in some ways it’s the equivalent of ice water. There is absolutely no nutritional value. Gin and Tonic. A little more flavoursome than vodka and soda, and if you prefer […]

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Wedding Cakes !

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I remember hearing people say that the decoration shouldn’t be so impressive that they were reluctant to eat the cake; but that’s basically every wedding cake! Really, we need a different line of thought. We only get one shot at this, so make as much of the opportunity as you can and have the design […]

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