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한인 교민들의 소통의 마당

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호주마당은 호주에 거주하는 한인 교민들을 위해 만들어진 정보와 소통의 마당입니다. 마당은 우리의 주거공간에서 아이들의 놀이터이자 집안의 각종 행사가 치뤄지는 흥겨운 행사장의 역할을 하기도 하고, 많은 가사노동들이 이루어지는 분주한 작업장이기도 하고 새로운 소식과 생각을 나누는 커뮤니케이션의 공간이기도 합니다. 호주마당은 한인 교민들을 위해 여러가지 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 교민사회의 새로운 소식을 알려주며, 회사홍보를 할수 있으며, 다양한 구인/구직 서비스를 […]

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Cold Facts on Cold Fibre Foods

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Organic Food Stores Sydney Health advice has a habit of changing over time as new information is discovered. So yesterday’s good advice, or even yesterday’s ways of dividing up concepts and categories, may quickly change. For the precious generation we have been educated about the glycaemic index of food, how fast the food raises the […]

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Airport Travel Lounges

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Travel lounges are those facilities provided, for a fee or membership cost, over and above the standard airport facilities. Basically they are clubs at the airport that provide members with recreational space, food, bars, Wi-Fi and other services. Some have meeting rooms, computer connections, and other business facilities. Access to lounges will vary. Often first […]

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Topical Ginseng

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Korean red ginseng has a substantial reputation for all over health. It is good for our immune system, it is good for endurance and energy without the slump afterward, and it seems to make us feel better about life in general. But these benefits all come from ingesting ginseng. Ginseng can also be applied topically […]

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Common Travel Mistakes

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Do you take the first hotel room offered? There might be other, better rooms at the same price. Being cooperative and polite helps here. But don’t expect too much if you have a super budget booking. Low paying clients get the least popular room. Are you guilt of over packing? This is so common. But […]

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Feature Walls

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Cheap Tiles Feature Walls Feature walls will add personality and style to a room. They are basically the one wall of the room that is given a standout texture, pattern or colour. Else the feature wall might be shelves for decorations. Tiles are a good option for a feature wall. While is it possible to […]

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Musical Instruments

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Occasionally a few musicians need to travel with a musical instrument. If the instrument is of moderate size, the size of a medium guitar or smaller, it can often be taken as carry-on luggage. But this is never certain, and dependant on the room available in the plane’s overhead storage lockers. Occasionally the airline might […]

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Back Teeth Sealants

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Molars and Wisdom Teeth Sydney We tend to chew mostly on our back molar teeth. The upper indented surface of these molar teeth are well suited for chewing. The large indentations work well to break up food. Unfortunately the smaller indentations in our molars tend to retain food particles, and can be difficult to clean. […]

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Hardwood Floor Sanding Sydney

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Hardwood floors are the oldest type of wooden floors, being preceded only by stone and tile. They have proved extremely long lasting and resilient to damage; houses over one hundred years old have hardwood floors still in workable order. They can easily survive for generations under indoor conditions, suffering only surface wear from human inhabitants. […]

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Questions and Concerns.

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Painting Services Sydney Is Primer Necessary? The short answer is yes. The bare walls of Gyprock, the most common interior surface, will soak up paint. You will need at least the first layer of paint to be primer. Repaints will not really require this. Some paint has primer as part of the formula. These do […]

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