Caring For Eyelash Extensions

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– Do not let the eyelash extensions get wet for at least 48 hours after the application. – Avoid Steam rooms, Saunas or any other activity that involves excessive heat or sweating. – Use oil-free products on your eyelashes, especially make-up remover. – Do not pull or rub them. – Clean your face with a blotting action, not by rubbing. Let the lashes dry natural in the air. – Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler. – Do brush them with your lash wand, but be gentle. – Do remove eye-make-up with non-oil products and wash with a small amount of baby shampoo. Wipe away from the lid, never toward it. – Swimming is fine about two days after application; when exposed to chlorine you should rinse the eyes with fresh water. – Avoid anything sprayed on you face, such as spray on sun-screen. Find a good oil-free sun-screen. – Ask the technician who applied the lashes about appropriate mascara; some oil based products affect the lashes. But really, with a good set of eyelash extensions you will never need Mascara again. – Ask about a coating sealant to help the eyelashes last. – Individual lashes should last 6 weeks, which is the life of each individual hair of the eyelash. As each individual hair proceeds through its 6 week cycle individual extensions will fall out, requiring inlays to replace the recently lost hair. Please come back and have any gaps in the lashes filled after 4 weeks or so.

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