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Female travellers

Some overseas destinations are not as safe as they could be. No country is completely safe. It is best to travel in a small group, but if you must travel alone we suggest-

  • Use officially licensed and reputable taxis. Research this on the internet before making your journey.
  • Sit in the back seat, not next to the driver.
  • When travelling, act as if somebody is expecting you at your destination. You can pretend to make a call to the expectant party.
  • On trains and buses try to sit next to the driver, guard or attendant. Else, sit with other women. Public transport is very open to pickpockets and theft.
  • Never hitchhike! No country is really safe for hitchhikers.


  • When signing a register avoid ‘miss’, ‘Mrs’ or any tittles that indicate gender
  • Book accommodation in advance, especially if traveling at night. Major hotels are safer. Use the accommodation’s own shuttle/transfer services.
  • Ask to look at the room before accepting it. Locks, telephones, windows should all work correctly. A door peephole and chain are strongly recommended.
  • Avoid rooms on the ground floor, or anything open to the street.
  • Never enter a room that has been broken into; always check for broken windows.
  • Avoid sharing rooms with strangers, even if they are the same nationality.
  • Never rent a spare room in a house, especially if alone.
  • Free accommodation is almost certainly a scam. Unless free accommodation is prearranged by your business or religious institution do not trust it.
  • Never discuss or give out your accommodation details in public.
  • Never put accommodation details on social media, including photos.
  • Carry the accommodation address and contact details available in the local language.

Before You leave.

  • Medication and feminine hygiene products are very difficult to obtain in some countries. Stock up before you leave.
  • In some countries it is illegal for unmarried couples to share a room, check in advance. Adultery can be a criminal offence.
  • Homosexuality is a serious offence in some countries.
  • People you meet over the internet can be a scam, even as they appear convincing and legitimate. Cyber dating has led to many serious problems. Travel with a colleague and meet any contacts in public places. Do some research at SCAMwatch.

Airport Transfers Sydney

Transport in foreign countries varies considerably. Airport transfers supplied by the hotel tend to be far safer than local street transport. Anything prearranged by a travel agent in Australia will usually be safer than locally procured services.  Before departing Australia always arrange a foreign airport transfers, Sydney travel agents or the destination hotel should be able to provide the best services.