Airport Travel Lounges

Travel lounges are those facilities provided, for a fee or membership cost, over and above the standard airport facilities. Basically they are clubs at the airport that provide members with recreational space, food, bars, Wi-Fi and other services. Some have meeting rooms, computer connections, and other business facilities.

Access to lounges will vary. Often first class travellers will gain free access with their ticket. Business class may have the same option. Other travellers may buy a yearly or lifetime membership. Else, they may earn membership with frequent flyer points. Some higher end credit cards (e.g. American Express) feature membership as a bonus. Many lounges will sell a day pass, which may be cheaper if ordered online.

Recommended Lounges

  • Qantas International first Lounge Sydney – Includes private suites, incredible food, a spa and a retro flight display board.
  • Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt
  • Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse, New York
  • Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge, Istanbul – including a film theatre
  • Al Mourjan Business Lounge, Qatar
  • Cathay Pacific’s The Pier, Hong Kong
  • Air France La Première Lounge, Paris
  • Emirates’ First Class Lounge, Dubai
  • American Express Centurion Lounge, San Francisco
  • Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa, Abu Dhabi

Membership in some lounges in your home country will connect you to several other lounges around the world.

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