Ryde X Ray

Early X-rays worked on a simple principle- a suitably sensitive plate was exposed to X-rays, and any solid object that blocked the X-rays appeared as an image on the plate. When providing images of bones this exposed the patient to considerable radiation; suitable photographic plates were not sensitive and exposure times were quite long.


The invention of the vacuum tube (valve) in the 20th century saw the development of the image intensifier. This allowed bright images or X-ray to be visible under normal lighting conditions, while still using lower levels of X-ray radiation. Initial devices appearing in the 1948 used mirrors and optical systems to display the image. Later machines from the 1960s used television technology and photographic film to capture fairly good quality images.


The use of television technology meant that X-rays could be used for surgery, providing real time images.


Digital Radiography

In the late 1980s a French company Trophy radiology produced the first intraoral X-ray imaging system for human diagnostics, though there appears to have been military testing of something using a similar concept on naval planes in the early 1960s. This newer digital system used X-ray sensors rather than older photographic plates or intensified images on television screens. Digital systems can be thought of as a very fine grid, with any square of that grid being either on or off. Direct detection X-ray systems use a flat panel detector. This flat panel produces a digital image corresponding to which parts of the panels are exposed to x-rays.


There are many advantages to digital X-rays. Most notably, the process uses less radiation than ever, and the resulting images (being digital) are easily sent to consulting physicians using the internet.


Ryde Radiology

Ryde medical Imaging provides many forms of diagnostic examination. Ryde ultrasound, X-ray and other form imaging are all available at the one facility.

TAEKWONDO WORLD – Taekwondo at the Olympics


The WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) has noted that the eight different medal categories at the 2012 London Olympics were won by different nations. They hope this will help expand the sport in future games, hopefully in 2020.


The international Olympic committee prefer to keep sports in a position where they are not dominated by one or two nations. This had been an issue with South Korea’s initial domination of the Taekwondo events; there was some threat of the newly introduced sport being removed. But as the medals were won by several different nations in 2012 the threat no longer seems serious.


The fact that Taekwondo has a consistent set of competitive rules has helped the situation. Other martial arts, some of which are quite impressive, lack a single set of competition criteria. This mean contestants from different countries, sometime even contestants the same country, cannot complete fairly. This is an issue even if standard rules are decided upon; contestants trained in one method have to adapt to a new competition method, which is a disadvantage to them.


Taekwondo’s standard competition rules have made its acceptance as an Olympic sport possible. This standardization has also allowed advanced teaching of Olympic level Taekwondo possible in many countries, meaning that medals are now being won by many nations. As long as this continues the sport should be retained at the Olympics.


Events such as the first world Taekwondo Grand Prix have also helped. Not being dominated by any one nation these sports have increased exposure for the sport and raised competitive standards. This world event is being scheduled for every two years.


With the 2020 Olympics there is a possibility of a team tag event for Taekwondo, in addition to the already established events that have 4 divisions for men and women.  Other martial arts, such as Karate, are also under consideration for inclusion.

WOW TILING – Common Causes of Water Leaks.


There are several reasons for leaks in plumbing. Some are obvious, though a few are sometime hard to pinpoint.


Basically every tap has a washer, which varies in type depending on whether there is hard water or soft, of if the tap is large or small. Washers last for many years, but not forever. The good news is that washers are cheap, and can be replaced by the average homeowner. But we have to watch out for any damage that leaking water might cause. Replace washers at the sight sign of any problem.


Grout and Leaking Tile Repairs Perth

Tiles are fairly solid, and tiles in the shower should not suffer much from heavy objects. But house foundations can shift over time, especially with new buildings. This foundation shift is enough to cause cracks in tiling and the surrounding grout, which quickly causes water leakage. In turn this water leakage may cause further foundation shifting, making the problem worse.


Cracks in tiles and grout may initially go unnoticed, but the damage they cause will eventually be hard to ignore; water leaking into foundations can cause serious stability problems. Issues must be fixed at the first sign of damage.


Rerouting Perth

Sometime leaks can be caused by problems in the grouting. Grouting that is poorly manufactures, poorly mixed or simply too old, can crack and cause water seepage. This needs to be immediately addressed. It is often possible to fix leaking shower without removing tile, provided the issue is addressed early on before the damage is too bad.


Drainage Leaking Shower Repairs Perth

The drain at the bottom of a shower relies on a solid connection between its pipes. Leaks in this section can be hard to locate until damage has already occurred. Leaking drains can cause water problems in floors below or unstable foundations in ground level bathrooms.


Leaking Balcony Repairs Perth

This is also a dangerous situation, and the subject of a further blog.


dentist on victoria

There are a few cases of individuals regrowing lost teeth, or just growing a third compete set in the same way that the rest of us grew a second set in our youth. But these are genetic abnormalities. Most of us will not do this naturally. Yet science has some promising leads that may repair dental cavities or regrow teeth.


Dental Stem Cells.

New teeth have been successfully regrown in mice since about 2004. Stem cells correctly planted in the jaw grow to replace the original lost tooth in size, shape and form. Problems occur with incorrectly planted stem cells which may turn into the wrong type of tooth. However, properly implemented the stem cells create both the tooth and the surrounding tissue and bone. It is literally growing a new tooth.


In humans new teeth from stem cells should take about 2 months to grow, with the procedure costing about $3000.oo, approximately twice the cost of an implanted tooth. Dentists will not have this technology available for a few more years.


Dental Cavity Regrown

Dentists aren’t going to recommend replacing the whole tooth for the sake of a smaller cavity, and there’s no need to. Kings collage in London has developed a way for teeth to heal decay. It is far from instantaneous, but electrical current will allow a pre-treated part of the tooth to re-mineralize. It presently only works on smaller decay problems, but this may well is developed further. This technology looks to be available sooner than the stem cell replacement technique.




We often don’t really notice the music playing, but if the wedding video was completely silent we would want to know what is wrong! Music is part of the video, though it should complement the images and never distract from them.


Always look to the married couple when considering the music. If they give you a list then that is a good starting point, but there is a chance the list is just their favourite songs in general, not a good choice for the wedding video. It is an indication, however. If they give you a long enough list there will probably be a few appropriate songs. Wedding videos often only need two.


Using a song that was popular with the crowd on the night is a reasonably safe bet, provided that it also suits the wedding footage. A dance number might well work with footage of the reception, but probably not with the ceremony.


Soundtracks are usually made to suit the film, but films are occasionally edited to suit the music. There is no hard and fast rule, except that the two must fit together. If you have a lot of ‘B-roll’ shots that work in isolation but not as a narrative you can sometimes make them fit together as a collage. This tends to look a little more like a preview than a story, but it can work well in moderation.


Occasionally you might add music to a background with other audio. Speeches might be best with complete silence, or you might have several highlights of several different speeches linked by some music behind them. I strongly lean towards instrumentals here, but there is probably a counter example somewhere.


Copyright Wedding Video Music.

Of course copyright on the music will almost always be an issue, and you can be fined if the video is ever shown online. Either license the music or go to sites like PremiumBeat that lets you pay once for all the music you will need. Otherwise, you might find you bride isn’t able to share the day’s video with anybody.


Uncomfortable shoes, or the sore feet inside the, can be enough to distract us from the important things in life. But a few tricks can often eliminate these issues.


Smelly Shoes

There are a few tricks for this. Leaving cheap teabags in the shoes during storage helps soak up any odour. Bicarbonate of Soda and cornflour also have this effect, and they can be left in whilst you wear them.


High Heels.

Some situations lend themselves to high heels, or we just like the look of them. Problems with shoes slipping off can be helped with strategic adhesive pads inside the shoe; they provide a less slippery surface so your foot tends to stay in place.


Sore feet in high heels can be alleviated by taping the second and third toes together, though some people say it should be the third and fourth. Somehow this changes how we put pressure on our feet, so we automatically walk a little differently and our feet feel better.


Tight shoes

A slimmer pair of socks can help. Else, put on a thick pair of socks and heat the shoe with a hairdryer. The leather will expand enough to make the shoe more comfortable. This is particularity effective when only one part of the shoe is tight.


Lacing the shoes in a different manner can alter how the shoes fit. Google for some advice.


Slippery advice

If the shoes don’t grip well, especially on polished surfaces, you can roughen the soles with sandpaper. Else, there are some commercial products that apply like glue and leave a non-slip surface. These also allow your shoes to last longer.


Uneven Shoe Wear

If shoes wear unevenly it is probably the way you are walking. Look at arch supports or other corrective measures. These are inexpensive and preferable to constantly buying new shoes.


Socks online

The right pair of socks can make a big difference to foot comfit. Thinner socks can make a tight pair of shoes comfortable. Thick socks are warm, long lasting, and can prevent the shoes from contacting moisture. Good socks and inexpensive, and well worth stocking up on.






Individuals on North Korean Tours should understand that some activities are simply not tolerated in the country they are visiting.


  • The locals support the government or are sent to an educational camp, which is basically a prison. Opinions different to the government are not tolerated.
  • Alcohol is drunk on some occasions but never on other occasions. This is more to do with official occasions than the actual drink. When mourning the passing of the former president a person caught drinking alcohol was executed. Then again, propaganda claims that North Korean has invented the hangover free Ginseng Alcohol drink.
  • People cannot watch foreign TV. Individuals are executed for watching South Korean programmes.
  • There is local music and little else. Local music is supported by the government only if it supports the government. Everything else is banned.
  • You basically cannot phone outside the country. Don’t even try.
  • Despite proclaiming religious freedom you cannot distribute Bible.
  • Adult material (pornography) is illegal, punishable by execution. This includes media on phones or computers.
  • You cannot use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or almost any social media site. As there are already very few locals with internet access this hardly makes any difference anyway; the few with access can only see the local government intranet. But the North Korean government doesn’t want the people seeing foreign opinions or news about the country, so there is no social media.
  • You cannot leave the tour group. The official guides will show you only what they wish you to see.
  • Some clothing items, such as jeans, are never used.
  • Locals cannot leave the country. They cannot even express a desire to do so.


Tours of Japan require some knowledge of local customs. But the Japanese favour polite hospitality. Offending someone is lousy, but you probably won’t cause an international incident. North Korea is less about politeness and more about the official truth and anything that threatens it. Behaviour is less about breaches of social etiquette and more about illegal acts. Mistakes are very serious.




Signs have to work at a glance. They are not a manifesto; they are the designed to carry a message that needs no conscious interpretation. The message is the whole point of a sign, the less needed to convey the message the better.


Signs Sydney

Perfection is achieved in creative endeavours partly when there is no more that can be added, but more when there is no more that can be taken away. A well-designed sign has been whittled to the crucial point, but no further. This is the way with many things. Insight is about putting your finger on the fundamental point, not about getting lost in details. An effective sign get is point across at a glance; extraneous details are just a distraction.


When considering a design one should bear in mind;

  • The point of the brand or object you are marketing
  • Putting your finger on the single, central point or thought.
  • Translating that point or thought into an image.
  • Look at what can be taken away.
  • Be absolutely minimal with words.
  • Use bold or bright colours. Make the logo.


How the audience perceives the look of the sign is the whole point. Put yourself in the audience’s position.

If you can have one logo, image, idea or concept that work for all you media you can give the company a professional looking presence. Alternately, different demographics might do well with different campaigns. You might have a connoisseur brand and a popular one, or one marketed at youth.


Banners Sydney

These have a large surface area, but still do well with a solid image on an appropriately coloured background. Company or team colours can be as important as the logo design.


Display Stand Sydney

As portable as it get, display stands still need to be bold, convey the message and have the right look.


Stickers Sydney

These vary in size, but are never too large. Like a short quote you need to get the idea across in as few words as possible. The right colours and the right logo – maybe a short slogan.


Marquees Sydney

Marquees are great for trade shows, conferences, outdoor event and many other commercial activities. Given their large surface area there is a temptation to be over elaborate in the design. In truth, company colours and a bold logo are still the most effective way to get the message across.


Posters Sydney

Posters are a good mid-sized advertising option. We can bend the rules a little with this. Stick with the strong logo or image, have the right colours, but you can also add some details at the bottom for those who want a closer look. Remember, they will only come for a closer look if you catch their attention with the overall design.


Sydney Tours Package deals

Sydney has many Museums and similar attractions. Several of these museums allow a discount if you visit several of them with a period of a few days.


Australian National Maritime Museum – Darling Harbour

Maritime history, from underwater warfare to classic tall ships. With interactive stations and many other exhibits.


Australian Museum

Dating to 1827 this is the oldest museum in the country. With everything from butterflies to dinosaur fossils this is very popular with young and old. There are many visiting displays.


Museum of Contemporary Art

Opened in 1991, this is a more recent attraction. Located between the Rocks Area and Circular Quay this has art from both Australia and around the world.


Sydney Observatory:

Several exhibits including a 3-D Space theatre.


Museum of Sydney

Historic exhibits from early Sydney life and some modern digital presentations. The museum is built on the foundations of the original government house.


Sydney Tours Package deals

New to Sydney? We recommend a day tour to see the most popular sights. Then do some exploring on your own. There are always the other attractions that need to be discovered.



Computer Custom Decals

Previous generations all had to have school cases. And in an attempt to reduce faceless uniformity everybody put different decals and stickers on their case. These days almost everybody has a laptop computer. The computers come in several different colours, styles and with different specs, but the young and young at heart still feel the urge to personalize their possesions.

A few creative Apple options we have noticed include:

  • The apple logo being peeled
  • The Apple logo as the centre of a target
  • The Apple within a window
  • Apple Logo within a birdcage.
  • Any cartoon character interacting with the Apple logo
  • Pokemon’s Pikachu eating the apple Logo
  • Snow White taking a bite out of the apple.
  • A worm coming out of the Apple.
  • The night sky with the Apple as the Moon
  • Apples and windows displayed like noughts and crosses.
  • The Beatles Logs (because they owned Apple records)
  • The Apple symbol followed by a Pi symbol (to make apple pie)
  • Musical instrument or guitar decals.
  • Plastic model decals, which have a different effect when not on a model.


Custom decals

Custom decals allow any result you can think of. Make you laptop as individual as you are.